Vertical web series, dating shows and & nbsp; social focus. What surprised the content market in & nbsp; Cannes

Vertical web series, dating shows and & nbsp; social focus. What surprised the content market in & nbsp; Cannes

& Nbsp; Cannes hosted MIPCOM 2019 & nbsp; - the largest content market, on & nbsp; which brought together producers and & nbsp; broadcasters from & nbsp; all over the world. The event focused on & nbsp; this time there were four countries: Argentina, China and & nbsp; Japan, whose drama series are now at & nbsp; peak of popularity, and & nbsp; also Russia & nbsp; thanks to powerful animation. The producer of The Story Lab agency (part of the Dentsu Aegis Network), Maria Kolyubaeva, said that they brought Russian studios to Cannes; what ambitions Amazon has in the & nbsp; content market and & nbsp; why social topics are becoming new black.

In & nbsp; this year, most content market sessions focused on streaming services and & nbsp; OTT (over-the-top) platforms. The flagship of the first day was the presentation of Amazon Studios & nbsp; - the studio of the American e-commerce giant Amazon for & nbsp; production of films and & nbsp; series for Prime's own streaming service.

James Farrell, head of Amazon Originals' international division, announced the company’s bid on & nbsp; local formats (in addition to international content). Amazon will be engaged in their & nbsp; production together with & nbsp; production of those markets in which & nbsp; plans to expand.

Amazon’s new strategy doesn’t mean at all & nbsp; mean focus on & nbsp; cheap content: the cost of local projects will depend on & nbsp; the scale and & nbsp; quality of the story, and & nbsp; not & nbsp; country of production. Now the studio is looking for new ideas and & nbsp; TV series and & nbsp; shows among European productions, in & nbsp; particularly in & nbsp; France, Italy and & nbsp; Spain. The Russian market is not yet & nbsp; in & nbsp; the perimeter of studio interest.

Players from & nbsp; Russia were also active in the & nbsp; territory of streaming and & nbsp; online content within the & nbsp; MIPCOM framework. Okko service spoke about the & nbsp; ambitious plans for the & nbsp; new season. In & nbsp; as partners, the platform now attracts not & nbsp; only production companies of the “Wednesday” level, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; small indie productions. For example, Wild Digital, whose web series viewers can watch on & nbsp; Okko.

Yandex.Studio CEO Olga Filipuk impressed the & nbsp; European colleagues with Yandex's capabilities in & nbsp; big data and & nbsp; content personalization. According to the statistics she cited, 80% of the most popular series in Runet & nbsp; are Western content from & nbsp; Netflix and & nbsp; HBO. Nevertheless, & nbsp; however, international streaming services in no way & nbsp; protect their content from & nbsp; piracy in our market, so the main views go to illegal sites, she added.

Russia continues to set trends in & nbsp; world animation. The animated series "Masha and the Bear", translated into & 36; languages ​​and & nbsp; broadcast in more than & nbsp; 100 countries via NBC Universal, Netflix, Sony Pictures, Google and & nbsp; other platforms, has become a textbook example in & nbsp; this.

Animaccord studio at & nbsp; this doesn’t & nbsp; stop; in & nbsp; Cannes, the producer of "Masha & Bear" introduced a new project & nbsp; - Fairy Teens. In the & nbsp; new animated series, magical teen fairies learn magic.

The producers of Fixiks, the Aeroplan studio, presented the animated series Kraby (small robotic crabs will dedicate their children to science), and also the 85-minute full-length animated film Fixies Against Work.

Russian animation creates an excellent reputation for content producers from & nbsp; our country. I hope that after a while our series and & nbsp; films (or their & nbsp; adaptations) will also "go" and & nbsp; into & nbsp; an international viewer.

Despite the & nbsp; great interest of American and & nbsp; European producers in & nbsp; Russian topics (“Chernobyl” on & nbsp; HBO, “The last czars” on & nbsp; Netflix and & nbsp; full-length film “Kursk”), they don’t have a special interest in & nbsp; with & nbsp; Russian partners. Although in Cannes and & nbsp; a number of Russian TV shows were presented (“Mylodrama” from & nbsp; Friday’s TV channel, being in & nbsp; developed by “Dyatlov Pass” and & nbsp; others).

Looking back at & nbsp; Chernobyl and & nbsp; other projects, many Russian producers wondered: why do they shoot what we should shoot? The answer is more than banal. Our history and & nbsp; themes & nbsp; - a luxurious setting (the environment in which the action takes place), fertile ground for creating characters and & nbsp; dramatic turns, and & nbsp; foreign producers took advantage of this in time.

In both & nbsp; digital and & nbsp; in & nbsp; traditional television viewing, there is still a global interest in & nbsp; reality shows and & nbsp; series. In the & nbsp; line of fresh tv & nbsp; formats (the most striking formats that went on air for & nbsp; lately) dating, social responsibility and & nbsp; awareness, and & nbsp; and game shows predominate.

A number of projects affected the relations of young and & nbsp; elderly (and & nbsp; dating, and & nbsp; life style topics). For example, Lodgers: to an & nbsp; elderly, but & nbsp; European, owning a spacious apartment, a young guy or girl is being hooked up, & nbsp; generational difference & & nbsp; show dramaturgy is being built.

In the Undercover Twins production show, which was produced by The Story Lab, several guys live in & nbsp; one house and & nbsp; fight for & nbsp; the girl’s heart, not & nbsp; suspecting that & nbsp; in fact they are & nbsp; two and & nbsp; they are twins. Girls switch places right at & nbsp; date and & nbsp; only at & nbsp; the end of the program, they effectively announce the truth.

The most shocking format was Meat the family (yes, exactly meAt!). Families of meat-eaters with & nbsp; children are sent to a & nbsp; farm, where they take care of & nbsp; calves, piglets and & nbsp; other animals as & nbsp; their pets, so that later ... to kill. Such a radical way to make people vegetarian or even & nbsp; think about & nbsp; that.

At & nbsp; MIPCOM, a trend was clearly visible on & nbsp; social topics. For & nbsp; the last two years, the audience’s demand for & nbsp; 13% to see their types on the & nbsp; screen & nbsp; - viewers want to recognize themselves in & nbsp; In addition, content on the rights of black people, LGBT people and & nbsp; transgender people was actively discussed.

The new trend, which was especially noticeable on & nbsp; MIPCOM in & nbsp; this year, & nbsp; is short web series (each episode is up to & nbsp; 15 minutes). And of particular interest to & nbsp; manufacturers from & nbsp; of the whole world is the vertical format adapted for mobile devices.

For example, the vertical web series Bad JuJu with & nbsp; episodes of & nbsp; 5-7 minutes was filmed specifically for viewing on & nbsp; smartphones. The series were released in April on directly to IGTV (Instagram TV), Facebook and & nbsp; on YouTube.

In general, most of the new formats presented in Cannes are aimed at & nbsp; young adults & nbsp; - people aged 25-35 who are representatives of generation Y. Surprisingly, & nbsp; generation Z & nbsp; did not & nbsp; strongly interest market players at & nbsp; MIPCOM.

Among the international producers at & nbsp; MIPCOM, the "theater" of the Japanese state television company NHK stood out, in & nbsp; in which all the content was in & nbsp; quality 8K. The technology provides an ultra-high resolution picture, the quality of which is & nbsp; four times higher than Full HD, and & nbsp; also improved sound.

NHK has tried to fall in love with producers from & nbsp; all over the world in & nbsp; new technology, while & nbsp; it is not & nbsp; demanded by content producers. The main reason for the & nbsp; technical limitation & nbsp; - the quality of the Internet should not be & nbsp; lower than the 5G standard.

As for the Russian viewer, even if there was enough content in & nbsp; 8K, then & nbsp; he & nbsp; wouldn’t have seen & nbsp; & nbsp; - far from & nbsp; all Russian TVs are equipped with 4K technology, not & nbsp; not to mention & nbsp; 8K. In & nbsp; Russia, the transition of television channels to & nbsp; digital broadcasting in & nbsp; HD in & nbsp; 2021 is still planned. The image in & nbsp; 4K and & nbsp; 8K & nbsp; formats is the future of video content, but & nbsp; for the Russian market this is a matter of the next 10-15 years.

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