Videos of Rota Vicentina and Central Portugal distinguished in Cannes

Videos of Rota Vicentina and Central Portugal distinguished in Cannes

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One plays the Center with McNamara factor, another is a love video for Alentejo and Algarve. They were both honored as finalists at one of the largest commercial production festivals in the world.

Two touristic films dedicated to Portugal, epicenters of Rota Vicentina and Centro de Portugal campaigns, have supplanted hundreds of films from around the world and received distinctions for being shortlisted for Cannes & nbsp; Corporate & nbsp; Corporate & nbsp; Media & amp; TV Awards, in the tourism film category, which took place on the 25th and 26th in Cannes, France.

Fall & nbsp; in love & nbsp; with & nbsp; with & nbsp; this land is the motto of the award-winning Rota Vicentina campaign. Here, emotionally, between images and narrative, points to the Southwest and the (already) 740 kilometers of walking routes that connect Alentejo and Algarve along the interior and the coast.

The video, made by Danilo Warick, highlights the natural beauty of the South, focusing on sustainability and environmental protection. And it goes far beyond traditional advertising video, focusing on the dilemmas between local development and tourism. The full version has five minutes full of testimonies (and a lot of attachment to the land). & Nbsp; The summary: “It is based on the necessary balance between the various types of enjoyment of one of the most beloved Portuguese and foreign regions, the Costa Alentejana and Vicentina. ”Here they speak“ residents and tourists, Portuguese and foreigners, hikers and beyond, all united in their love of this land and their willingness to invest together in a sustainable future ”.

Zoe's production has already been honored at a festival whose awards were presented during the Berlin Grand Tourism Fair (ITB) and is currently also a candidate for the ATTA & Adventure Travel Trade Association Awards to be awarded. released in October. & nbsp;

The other featured nationally promoted video in Cannes, also accustomed to distinctions, is devoted to other paths and territories more to the Center: Are You Ready ?, the latest promotional film from the Center's Tourism, manages thus another international distinction - & nbsp; had recently been awarded in Los Angeles, USA, but has also been distinguished at festivals in Latvia or Spain.

The production - which takes on a video game concept and features the region's most celebrated ambassador, surfer Garrett McNamara - has been collecting awards since it was presented at the BTL (Lisbon Tourism Exchange) in Lisbon. ;March. Signed by Slideshow and performed by Pedro Vieira, the Center's Facebook page alone has over 350,000 views. Here, the game is to cross the region until you reach the goal: the giant wave of Nazareth.

The awards won by the Centro de Portugal films “reinforce the positioning of the Centro de Portugal brand, nationally and internationally, and demonstrate that the promotion strategy followed is the right one,” said, quoted by Lusa, Pedro Machado, President of the Regional Entity, which groups one hundred municipalities.

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