We arrived in Porto

We arrived in Porto

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For three days, it was part of the landscape of Cannes. Dressed by stylist Conan Osiris and creations of Alves / Gonçalves, Lili Caneças caught the eye and missed the French Riviera.

Lili Caneças was in Cannes. We got to know what the looks and memories of socialite on the French Riviera

Memory is always halfway to keep a postcard alive. To Lili Caneças, this one does not fail her and the last week was, nothing more, nothing less than a refreshment of old images. For three days, the Portuguese socialite remembered the old days, under the sun of the French Riviera. “I used to come because I had money. Now I come because they invite me, ”he confides to the Observer, even before returning home. “I came to Cannes for 17 years. I met stars like Romy Schneider, Alain Delon, Omar Sharif and Vanessa Redgrave, ”he recalls.

For Lili Caneças, Cannes is, first and foremost, synonymous with cinema. A real bonus in the landscape, as we speak of an inveterate movie buff, fond of the works of Fellini, Visconti and Bergman. “I started early. I remember when we went to the movies to learn anything. On the way back we discussed life, death and other existential issues, ”he adds. Today, you still don't lose sight of the masters, although with your 16-year-old grandson you will see all of Marvel's repertoire.

Lili Caneças in Cannes, with an Alves / Gonçalves dress and Egídio Alves sandals

Lili went to Cannes as an ambassador for Magnum - the ice cream brand, precisely - a mission she shares with Rui Maria Pêgo and Carolina Loureiro. You may not have stepped on the red carpet at the Palais des Festivals, but the schedule has not rested. At a party near the beach (where the sand was set to be part of the scene), on the Boulevard de la Croisette, paraded the main faces of the brand in different countries. Rita Ora acted. Just missing Iris Apfel, who canceled her presence at the event, to the displeasure of Lili, who was looking forward to the meeting - "I'm going to meet Iris Apfel, who is old enough to be my mother," she said in an Instagram post even before Head south of France.

In the absence of the American icon, Lili Caneças caught sight, which is not surprising. In a creation by the Portuguese duo Alves / Gonçalves - a blue dress from the spring-summer 2019 collection, wide and fluid, enhanced by geometries and colors -, & nbsp; It was the center of attention. “Ta robe est belle,” he heard over and over. “By the end of the three days everyone knew my name in English, French, German. I come back with my ego all up, ”he says.

Alves / Gonçalves dress and Dior bag

Let's not lie: it was hard to talk to Lili Caneças during the last three days. Between preparations, photo shoots, champagne-drenched cocktails and dinner, she barely stopped at the Barrière Le Majestic, where she stayed (although at other times it was at Carlton). After the first look, two more came, both with the signature of the Portuguese creators.

“We're Portuguese, we have to show Portuguese things,” Ruben Osório, stylist by Conan Osiris and head of Lili's looks in Cannes, told her. "He was absolutely right, but he didn't want to come from Conan Osiris either," he says. Conclusion: The socialite left Chanel and Dior at home (except one suitcase) and heeded the advice. After all, the two had already worked together on a production for Vogue magazine. The latest dress, green and PVC, was a particularly bold choice. "I don't know if I would have the courage to use it in Portugal, it left me with all my legs out," he admits. No alarmism. Lili wore dull black tights, so everything went with the utmost dignity. Or, as it sums it up: "Extravagant, cute and tasteful."

The third (and boldest) dress worn by Lili Caneças in Cannes, also by Alves / Gonçalves

Meanwhile, Lili Caneças is back in Lisbon, but for a short time. Next week, he flies to Monte Carlo, where he will have the opportunity to deprive Michael Douglas. The Cannes Film Festival is not going anywhere. Until May 25, there are other divas parading by the sea.

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