What to see in Cannes: 10 attractions on the French Riviera

What to see in Cannes: 10 attractions on the French Riviera

Cannes can be comfortably reached by plane from Italy thanks to the nearby international airport of Nice-Côte d'Azur, which is about 20 km from the French city. Several Italian cities such as Venice, Rome, Naples, Cagliari and Palermo guarantee direct connections with Nice and, by booking in time, excellent travel rates. Once you land in Nice you can rent a car or rely on local public transport such as the RCA buses (Rapides Côte d'Azur) that run every day of the year, from 8 to 20, with departures every 30 minutes, & nbsp; a journey of about 45 minutes to Terminal 1 with the Cannes Routière (price: 22 euros one way, 33 euros round trip).

Another solution to get to Cannes from Italy is by car, but in this case costs and times will be far superior, except for those who live on the Ligurian coast, from where it will be possible to reach the Côte d'Azur simply by taking the A7 towards Ventimiglia-Aeroporto-A20, and then the A10 towards France (exit Cannes). The most inconvenient means to reach Cannes from Italy is definitely the train, due to the inefficient connections with this part of France: at least one stopover in Genoa or Ventimiglia will be necessary, not to mention that from Rome, for example, travel time up to Cannes it will be from 10 to 12 hours with about three stopovers. Alternatively, you can take the TGV line that connects Milan and Turin to Lyon, and from there take a train to the south of France ...

Cannes, like the rest of the French Riviera, boasts a & nbsp; Mediterranean climate characterized by mild, relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. Every month of the year lends itself well to a trip to this beautiful city that already has pleasant temperatures and bright days since early March (of course, if you want to stay on the beach, it's better to avoid the winter months, which are still quite pleasant).

The best time to go to Cannes is from spring to autumn: July and August are very hot, with temperatures easily exceeding 28 degrees. The summer, here, can be extended until late October, with wonderful days also in November (the highs can easily reach 17 degrees!). Expect crowding, of course, in July and August.

So what to see in Cannes? Well, there is no more famous place in town than the Promenade de la Croisette, for everyone, more simply "La Croisette". This long avenue of about 2 km skirts the sea, is dotted with palm trees soaring towards the sky, dotted with large historical hotels and glittering luxury boutiques, which show off the best of French and international fashion. Start your holiday on the French Riviera with a pleasant walk in the shade of the trees, photograph the golden beach, admire the shop windows and, from time to time, take a look at the long row of buildings that design the waterfront: the facade is all stuccoed Carlton, to name one of the most renowned hotels in France, will leave you speechless. & Nbsp;

La Croisette stretches to the notorious red carpet of the Palais des Festivals & des Congrès, the modern Cannes convention center where the famous Film Festival takes place every year in May. The famous film festival, now in its 72nd edition, celebrity magnet from all over the world and turns Cannes into a fun factory, a notoriety fair, an open-air stage where to see and be seen. If you happen to be there during the rest of the year, go and take a selfie on the red carpet, then run off to find the handprints of the movie stars (from Isabella Rossellini to Sylvester Stallone, to name two), imprinted in squares of long cement the fun Cannes Walk of Fame, which winds all around the building. & nbsp;

At number 47 of the Promenade de la Croisette is the beautiful La Malmaison Art Center, a museum that art and history buffs will appreciate a lot, not only for the works inside but also for the spectacular location. This elegant center of modern and contemporary art, which every year hosts three important monographic exhibitions of 20th and 21st century artists (with works borrowed from both private and public collections), is magnificently housed in the original annex of the first Grand Hotel. The famous hotel was built in 1863 following the projects of the architects Vianey and Blondel, then it was destroyed and rebuilt in 1963. La Malmaison is the only remaining pavilion of the original structure, a place of great charm turned into an artistic center in 1945, then renovated in 1993, and should not be missing among the things to see on your trip to Cannes.

The ancient heart of Cannes is Le Suquet, a picturesque neighborhood light years away with a glamorous city face. Not only elegant showcases and movie stars, but also stories to tell, traditions to discover and specialties to savor. The Suquet hill is dominated by the medieval castle of the monks of the Abbey of Lerino, today the Museo de la Castre, where you can find interesting collections from all over the world: from the paintings of the Provencals to the musical instruments from the world, passing through the Mediterranean antiquities and the paintings seventeenth century. After visiting the beautiful Gothic church of Notre Dame d’Esperance, climb the high tower that overlooks the square and after a hundred steps go to admire what awaits you ... the most spectacular view you will ever see on the Bay of Cannes! Inside the tower there is also an archaeological museum.

The scent of aromatic herbs and freshly picked flowers, the freshness of vegetables and fruit, zero kilometer products and the boisterous friendliness of the sellers make Marché Forville a must-see in Cannes. Not to mention that this beautiful indoor market, located in the Le Suquet district at 6 Rue du Marché Forville, is the oldest and most renowned in the city. This is the right place to take a food and wine journey in the Provencal countryside, among the flavors of the vegetable garden and the southern dialects. Open with all its delicacies from Tuesday to Sunday, on Mondays it hosts the Marché Brocante, the flea market, with antiques, books and jewelery.

About antiques: & nbsp; you will find some good ones at the Les Allées de la Liberté market, where every weekend, from 8 am to 6 pm, many stalls on the road await you with their unique pieces and great occasions. Take a special thing home from Cannes and the French Riviera: you will always remember this trip!

Croisette aside, shopping in Cannes is unrestrained in two other downtown streets, where I won't miss what to see: Rue Meynadier and Rue d’Antibes. The first, also known as the "Grande Rue", is dotted with clothing stores, fashion boutiques, grocery stores that sell local products, butchers, cheesemakers and so on and so forth. The second is the parallel of the Croisette and rivals the latter in terms of designer labels and things to see. Along this elegant and lively street you will find the most famous brands in the world, elegant perfumeries, pretty florists, delicious pastry shops and beauty institutes. Ready to put your hand in the wallet? & Nbsp;

Among the things to see in Cannes there is certainly the Vieux Port, the old port, located at the foot of the Suquet hill. Since its inception in 1838 the "old port" has contributed to the development of the city, to the exchange of goods, to the arrival of tourism and to the fortunate destiny of an increasingly famous and loved seaside resort in the world. Theater of royal regattas, seafaring festivals and sports competitions, the port will fill your eyes with color with the characteristic boats of fishermen, and amazement with luxury yachts moored in style. Go and photograph the boats, then walk along the Quai Saint-Pierre and stop for lunch at one of the many fish restaurants along the way.

From the port of Cannes it is possible to reach in a few minutes by ferry the beautiful Îles de Lérins archipelago, the Lerino Islands, composed of two larger islands (Santa Margherita and Sant’Onorato) and other smaller islets. On the island of Santa Margherita you will encounter a lush nature, the Sea Museum and the mysterious Fort Royal, built by Cardinal Richelieu as a military prison: go and see what this historic monument has to offer, and enter the cell where he was imprisoned no less than the man from the "Iron Mask" (yes, he is right here in Cannes!). Also Sant’Onorato is picturesque, where the Abbey of Lerino is located, which we advise you to go and discover. Among other things, the 21 monks who live in the place organize interesting tastings of their wines produced directly on the island ...

Among the things to see in Cannes there are also the wonderful and peaceful spaces of urban greenery, flourishing most of the year due to the pleasant temperatures of the Côte d'Azur. The first park of which we want to talk to you is that of Villa Rothschild, dotted with tall palm trees, symbol of the seaside resort, and characterized by gushing fountains, exotic gardens and relaxing corners. Equally relaxing is the Parc des Résidences Champfleuri, considered as one of the most beautiful garden parks in France. This is thanks to the Andalusian patio and the various gardens inside, in styles from Japanese to Provencal. Between visits, try to create a moment of peace to enjoy these hidden corners ...

Now that you know what to see, ready to leave for Cannes? To find out the prices of all the destinations in the world, from the cheapest to the most expensive, you can use Skyscanner's Everywhere search option and organize fantastic trips at the best prices! & Nbsp;

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