Who gets the Golden Palm in Cannes?

Who gets the Golden Palm in Cannes?

The 72nd Cannes Film Festival ends with a ceremony at the Lumière Theater tonight. What will be the most admired films of Almodovar, Malick, Joon-Ho, Tarantino, Sciamma and Suleiman? What surprise name will the selection of the works of the same setting?

Of course, the awards given in Cannes are also linked to the juries. For this reason, different awards may be presented with different selection boards. But this year, the decisions of the jury, including Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, Kelly Reichardt, George Lanthimos, Enki Bilal, Alice Rohrwacher, Elle Fanning, Pawel Pawlikowski and Maimouna N’Diaye, are important.

When we see the jury, we think that kaliteli quality examples of mainstream cinema hemen will be rewarded immediately. Obviously Iñárritu, Bilal, Fanning and Pawlikowski can shift in that direction. For this reason, Malick and Tarantino can reach the second Golden Palm. Screen's star table averages are also valuable. In general, the film achieves an average of 3-3.4. But in 2016, “I, Daniel Blake 2.4 reached the highest point with 2.4, and in 2017“ The Square ”2.7.

Therefore, we need to look between 2.4-3.4. After 3.5, filmler Toni Erdmann ”,“ Doubing ”, Tur Mr. Turner” (Tur Mr. Turner ”) had been disappointed. If the best of the selection is asite Parasite a, I think it will be comforted with the ‘Best Screenplay’ award at best. Looking at the films this year, we see a list of Mis Les Misérables ”, Hidden A Hidden Life”, “Sorry We Missed You”, “The Traitor”, “Wild Goose Lake”, “It Must Be Heaven”, “Bacurau” “Atlantique“, rait Portrait of a Lady on Fire ”,“ Pain and Glory ”, Upon Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, ”The Whistlers”.

When Céline Sciamma started the race with en Portrait of Lady on Fire en, she was the closest to the surprise, which made her say ‘would it be okay? Ama but she thought it might be after the screenings. The Golden Palm or Grand Prize won't surprise you for the film that reached Queer Palm yesterday.

Malick's Hidden A Hidden Life ile and Almodovar's “Pain and Glory açık are obviously discussed by which jury member. The fact that Almodovar is close to popular and making an intellectual commercial cinema is what this jury is looking for. Malick has previously entered two competitions in Cannes, one for Best Director (“Paradise Days”) and one for the Golden Palm (Ağ Tree of Life inde). There's a chance he'il never come back empty. So we can see the Grand Prize or the Golden Palm close to it.

Almodovar's ık Broken Hugs “(“ Los Abrazos Rotos ”, 2009) took 3.2 on the Screen average and pulled zero, and 3.3 of“ Pain and Glory değil is not guaranteed. But he felt touched and rewarded because the time had come and he had made some kind of heritage film about his life.

Elia Suleiman, who is in her mature age, has also seen a main competition before. He didn't make it past the Jury Prize. Of course, the fact that he made few films contributed to this. That's why he missed himself and now he's got the chance to win the Golden Palm, the Grand Prize or the Best Director.

The ‘Jury Prize duruy seems more reasonable since they are the first film on paper for the acclaimed Mis Les Miserables” and “Atlantique”. But Mis Les Miserables neredeyse is almost as successful as başarı Saul's Son ”(“ Saul Fia ”), so he can walk to the’ Grand Prize.. In the Golden Camera, I see “Atlantique şanslı more fortunate.

The shift of the Portuguese-drawn ur Bacurau olan, which is close to the native language of Inarritu, to B-type elements is not known whether negative works or not will be considered. Wild The Wild Goose Lake ”, Tra The Traitor” and Whist The Whistlers le can be mentioned with the main awards. But these can also shift to ‘Best Script’. Obviously they will love Diao Yi’nan's cinema, so the chance for the Golden Palm is not so high. He can be said to be younger to become a director of both the Golden Bear and the Golden Palm.

Best Actress Sibyl's Virginie Efira, Little Joe's Emily Beecham, and Frankie's Isabelle Huppert are lucky. There is a race between Best Actor Pierfrancesco Favino of Tra The Traitor Leonardo and Leonardo DiCaprio of Upon Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. A Obviously, kim Who takes the Golden Palm? Bağlı depends on some instant decisions this year. There are films close to each other, there are directors from time to time.

Obviously, kim Who gets the Golden Palm? Bağlı depends on some instant decisions this year. There are films close to each other, there are directors from time to time, there are filmmakers who create sensuality. The question mı Will Ken Loach, Dardenne's third, Tarantino and Malick reach the second Golden Palm? Ise is spoken in backstage. The second one is possible, but the first one does not seem very likely. The question of mı Will Kechiche, Sachs and Dolan Screen get any award despite falling below 2 in the star chart? ’Is another interesting discussion. In addition to my personal favorite “Parasite E, I would like to add that I would be particularly pleased with the awards of Elia Suleiman, Jessica Hausner and Céline Sciamma.

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