Yes, in Cannes

Yes, in Cannes

Dawid Kaźmierczak writes about Poles before, during and after the Cannes Lions festival, associate digital director at McCann Worldgroup, juror in the 23rd edition of the competition for independent creation in advertising - Kreatura 2019.

When I landed in Nice for the first time in & nbsp; 2014, my attention was caught by a huge Emirates plane, which compared to our Embraer 190 looked like Goliath on David, a very thin David. During & nbsp; during the festival itself, often what is & nbsp; Poland, was much less spectacular than the rest of the world.

From the beginning of my adventure, I was lucky to find Cannes Lions with a group of people who did not focus on their Polishness, but took the best from the festival. We drew energy, absorbed knowledge and inspiration, we fueled each other, forgetting about our Polish yard. We broke away from reality to explore the idea of ​​pure creativity. Such creativity that hates divisions, no divisions, and resurrects this invisible spark of madness, thanks to which we can feel and do things that once seemed unattainable to us. Long after the festival we hovered above the ground, and really over laptops, tablets, touch pads. Every year we returned full of faith that if others could, so would we. We sat at our desks in various agencies, talked to various clients (often from the same industries), but we never treated it as mutual competition. Rather, we were motivated by each other's successes and & nbsp; we were looking for cooperation opportunities.

Meanwhile, in & nbsp; parallel reality, in & nbsp; Poland, our group begins to be perceived as a team with the working name "soda water", by one of the independent agencies considered "unprofitable". & Nbsp; It was a test of faith for us. We have fallen many times, we have made mistakes, but we have never lost it. As "believers", we have been participating in & nbsp; pilgrimages to Cannes since 2014. Year in & nbsp; year. We took part in all competitions, the winning of which enabled us to travel to Cannes Lions, and as we negotiated new contracts, we participated in the & nbsp; advertising festival at the Azure The coast was our first postulate: we often pulled our own butterflies out of our pockets and paid them for accreditation continuously for 5 years. During these years, the Cannes Lions festival managed to change the formula from a seven-day event to a five-day event, Snapchat ceased to be popular, Martin Sorrell parted from & nbsp; WPP, and & nbsp; Bartłomiej Walczuk can no longer compete in & nbsp; Young Creatives. And & nbsp; a direct air connection from & nbsp; Warsaw to Nice has returned. Five years in the world of advertising is a piece of time. What these annual pilgrimages was missing, there was a significant success of the Polish agency in the main competition Cannes Lions Yes, you read it right, you support your team like Polish football teams in & nbsp; European cups. Regardless of the team's origin, what counts is our success - Poles. We did not listen to the infidels, we did not eat with them in the restaurant & nbsp; U & nbsp; Mrs. They were sad and always counted nominations. After many usually very brown years, when several lions of this color came to Poland (which is also a huge success), the year 2018 came. The year in which the creation with & nbsp; Ogilvy joined forces with & nbsp; Shootme and Gameset and & nbsp; created for Polish branch of Greenpeace campaigns "The last tree standing". Before the work was evaluated in & nbsp; Palais des Festivals, it traveled the world and & nbsp; won awards at all other major global advertising festivals, including - in my opinion - the most difficult - D & amp; AD There she won the Holy Grail of advertising - Yellow Pencil. & Nbsp; Cannes creators scoop a total of 13 Lviv! I will never forget this euphoria and Shootmen with painted cat mustache on stage. I will not forget the corridor opinion that it will never happen again ...

A year passes. In & nbsp; 180heartbeats Jung v. Matt, the idea of ​​an indestructible rainbow for Ben & amp; Jerry's (Unilever). Brilliant in & nbsp; its simplicity, the idea of ​​the equally brilliant creative team of Mateusz Gaca and Pablo Domingez (under the baton of creative directors). Perfectly scoring our social backwardness, embedded in a place which is a symbol. If we remember what has happened with the rainbow over the space since its inception, then special recognition is due to those who made it possible to realize this idea. I am thinking of Łukasz Deonizik, experience director 180heartbeats + Jung v. Matt, whose determination and heart to work are equal to the equator of Jupiter and the incredibly determined brand manager Ben & amp; Jerry's Martynie Kaczmarek. They proved that the cooperation of all agency departments and & nbsp; parallel involvement of a great marketer are possible in our market. The campaign conquers 5 Lviv - two silver, three bronze. Appetite is growing. Even Mateusz Gaca smiled. In my opinion, this is the best Polish work from the & nbsp; season 2018/19. In the same year, at the same table U & nbsp; Mrs. sitting creative director VMLY & amp; R Dawid Szczepaniak, whom I met years ago in Cannes. David has always known why he is coming to the Cote d'Azur. David always came to Cannes for the Lions. This is not an easy hunt, usually David had to settle for nomination, but his stubbornness in pursuit of the goal, titanic work, ability to build teams composed of the best specialists on the market brought the idea for the project of closing "Your Weekend". VMLY & amp; R invited of this project in my opinion of one of the most aware and experienced marketers on the market: Mastercard and BNP Paribas, an international player from the production market with the Polish passport Papaya Films and the Polish media giant Work already in the first days of the festival she was nominated for a nomination that quickly turned into 3 Bronze Lions. In the middle of the festival for Dawid Szczepaniak, Maciej Kozina and Marzena Szkolak comes a judicial day. Time for presentations before the jury of the Glass and Titanium categories. If you ever bothered about presenting your CEO or an unfavorable customer, kt Rice once liked you, but & nbsp; sometimes longer, after such an experience as presentations before the jury in the & nbsp; Cannes, you'll never be bothered with them. As an observer of both presentations, I have to admit that I missed one thing - popcorn. There was everything for popcorn: increasing tension, unpredictable twists, silent heroes and & nbsp; postponed in & nbsp; happy end in & nbsp; characters of the grand prix in the Glass and Titanium Lions category. Caps with & nbsp; heads! These are the highest awards won by the Polish agency in the history of Cannes Lions. A & nbsp; the festival has been organized since 1954! Both of the successes described above have given the whole market a clear signal: in Poland you can do campaigns that gain international recognition. Working in & nbsp; Poland, you can win the Grand Prix in Cannes. However, to do this, you need cooperation, patience, mutual trust, and above all knowledge and humility.

Authors of the unfavorable Cannes Lions entries on Facebook or articles from & nbsp; media more than traditional ones may consider this relationship to be a laurel of holidays for colleagues. This relationship - like Cannes Lions - is not for everyone.

It is for people who want, who believe, who can implement even the craziest ideas, for those who never give up, and & nbsp; for those who always find a solution. And & nbsp; for people who want to win prizes for it.

He gained experience in such agencies as Ogilvy, DDB & amp; Tribal and K2, working for such brands as: Saturn, PLL LOT, Microsoft, IKEA, Decathlon, Coca-Cola, KFC and Mastercard. Social media communication enthusiast with specialization in vertical video formats. Winner and juror of Young Creatives creativity contests, active MMP columnist since 2015, member of the jury of the Papaya Young Directors competition and creator of the new competition category: Instagram Stories. The campaigns he co-created won the highest awards at such festivals as Effie, KTR, Innovation Awards as well as awards and nominations at Cannes Lions, Golden Drum and Eurobest.

CREATURE is the oldest creative competition in the advertising industry. It aims to distinguish and honor Polish advertising art. Works participating in the competition are evaluated in terms of originality and innovation of the idea and above-average quality of workmanship.

The competition is intended for all advertising agencies, interactive agencies, BTL and integrated marketing agencies, media houses, marketers / companies and their brands operating in Poland. Detailed regulations can be found on

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