Zombie at the opening, Pawlikowski in the jury. The 72nd Cannes Film Festival is starting

Zombie at the opening, Pawlikowski in the jury. The 72nd Cannes Film Festival is starting

It can be seen at first glance that this edition of the festival on the Cote d'Azur will differ from the previous ones in one issue - for the first time in the jury of the main competition there were four women and four men, including our director Paweł Pawlikowski. This is the result of many years of just protests by women all over the world who are involved in cinema.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the list of films qualified for the competition - here we have only four directors and as many as 17 directors, but considering the previous years, when women were completely absent, we can talk about "progress".

The festival opening film by the creator of artistic cinema Jim Jarmusch, "The Dead Don't Die" - a comedy about zombies in a star cast (Tilda Swinton, Adam Driver, Bill Murray and Tom Waits) - reconciles festival ambitions and carries commercial potential. Jarmusch's film is said to be the most Hollywood of his paintings to date.

The most awaited titles are, as always, the latest painting by Pedro Almodovar ("Pain and Glow") and publicized to the limit even before the start of "Once upon a time in Hollywood" by Quentin Tarantino. And although just a few days ago the industry media wrote that the film is still endless, the festival director calms down: Tarantino will make it. This year, it is exactly 25 years since the director "shot" from "Pulp Fiction" in Cannes, winning the Golden Palm, which, according to critics, was supposed to come to Krzysztof Kieślowski's "Czerwony". That's how Tarantino's great global career began.

Nothing changes when it comes to the tastes of the director of the Canne event - Thierry Frémaux. The list of names of the main competition is also this time to a large extent directors scrolling through the event for decades. So we have on it, among others Terence Malick, Ken Loach, Dardenne brothers, Pedro Almodovar, who did not miss any of the films by the director. Including the weak ones.

We don't know anything about Malick's film "A Hidden Life" (the director has not made a really good title for years), but it is known that Almodovar's new picture with Antonio Banderas in the main role and with Penelope Cruz partnering him is supposedly the greatest work of the master since "All about my mother", awarded an Oscar for the script. This is another, after "Bad Touch", an extremely personal image of a Spanish master who supposedly returned to great form.

The Dardenne brothers - the winner of three Golden Palms in Cannes - and the aged, 82-year-old Ken Loach (two Golden Palms) are absolute veterans on the Cote d'Azur. Each of their films went to the main competition here and usually did not disappoint the festival's guests. This time & nbsp; Jean-Pierre and Luc & nbsp; Dardenne will show a picture titled "Jeune Ahmed" about a 13-year-old from their country (Belgium), in which the interpretation of the Koran aroused deadly instincts.

There could also be a film - admittedly young, but extremely experienced - Cannes' favorite, Canadian Xavier Dolan, whose latest film "Matthias and Maxime" with himself in one of the roles, belongs to the more anticipated titles of the competition set.

Who was missing? Until the announcement of the list of competition films in mid-April, admirers of Martin Scorsese were deluding themselves that one of the most anticipated films of the year would hit here - "Irishman" with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, for which the director was preparing, as he says "for half his life ". Unfortunately, the film was made for Netflix, and despite requests and spells - Frémaux remained relentless and does not want to hear about the movies shot for streaming platforms in the main competition. According to industry authorities, he makes a mistake (the example of Cuaron's "Roma", which conquered the world last year and was the event of the Venice festival).

Although the number of big names in the competition is dizzy, it cannot be denied that the most anticipated title remains with the competition screening scheduled for May 21 (exactly on the 25th anniversary of the "Pulp Fiction" victory) a new painting by Quentin Tarantino "Once upon a time in Hollywood ".

- We were afraid that the movie would not be ready, but Quentin Tarantino is a real, loyal and punctual child of Cannes! - announced the festival director triumphantly, informing about joining the movie Tarantino to the main competition. His statements, which brought all the movie magazines around the world to the forefront, show that he saw large fragments of the film because he called it "a love letter to Hollywood during the director's childhood."

As you know, the image of Tarantino makes the background of his story the most cruel crime in the dream factory - the murder of the beautiful actress Sharon Tate in 1969 by Charles Manson - & nbsp; Roman Polański's wife, who was nine months pregnant. Tarantino, born in 1963, was six at the time, so it will be a return to his very early childhood.

In the film, the director - a loser played by Leonardo DiCaprio - is a neighbor of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski at Cielo Drive. His partners include Brad Pitt and Margot Robbi as Sharon. The cast is complemented by, among others Kurt Russell, Bruce Dern, Damian Lewis, Dakota Fanning and the late Luke Perry.

While the viewers are counting down the days until the premiere, sister Sharon - Debra Tate - admits that she is very afraid of this film and the way the director known for playing with violence will show a monstrous crime. Also, Roman Polański was not enthusiastic about the film, but admitted that Tarantino reassured him, assuring him that "he would not hurt him."

The "Rocketman" movie based on the biography of Elton John promises to be out of competition. The main role was played by Taron Egerton, probably best known from the movie "Kingsman: Secret Services". The actor himself performs all the songs of Elton that we hear in the film. Presence at the premiere announced his hero.

This year's award for life achievements will also be received by the great French cinema lover, 84-year-old Alain Delon, which not everyone was enthusiastic about. He was reminded of his controversial statements in which he confessed to "slapping many women", opposed the adoption of children by homosexual couples, and openly supported extreme-right politicians, including Jean-Marie Le Pena.

The first one is the short animation "Duszyczka" by Barbara Rupik, produced by a Łódź film school. The second is the animated thriller "Roadkill" by Leszek Mozga, a director currently living in Great Britain. The film entered the UAL London University competition, but the animation was entirely created in Poland.

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